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Universal Performance Fabrics

Universal Performance Fabrics in the Dining Room

Up-Dated on 02-Oct-2023

Neutral tones are trending, and many of us love the beauty of light colors for our home for a more contemporary look. However, with children, pets, and the occasional wine spill things can get a little messy sometimes. This is especially true of high traffic areas like the living room, family room, and great room that get a lot of use from family and friends.

With Universal Furniture high-performance upholstery fabrics, you can have the look of light colors that you want everywhere in the house without the worry. With high-performance fabrics for protection, you can enjoy a trendy, airy look with upholstery that is easy to keep clean, even in a very active household.

Universal Performance Fabrics

Universal Furniture is a leading manufacturer of uniquely crafted home furnishings. High-quality construction and smart design are coupled with performance fabrics created to be as beautiful as they are durable. While ordinary upholstery fabrics absorb spilled liquids, Universal performance fabrics are made to resist absorption for an easy cleanup leaving no unsightly stains.

Universal Performance Fabrics in the Dining Room

It makes perfect sense to choose high-performance fabrics for dining room chairs. The dining room gets a good amount of wear and tear from use, and there is always the chance that some of the delicious food and refreshing beverages served at gatherings and celebrations will wind up on the chair. Universal Furniture offers a selection of dining room chairs featuring high-performance fabrics as well as high style.

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